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Continue to pray for healing for Reg Grant, Godfrey Archer, Anthony Saunders, Rudolph Hanna Jr., Canon Peter Scott, Ververine Wilmott, (Memorial West Hospital, Pembrooke Pines, Florida)

Wallace Allan, Julie Armbrister, Reggie Campbell, LaTisha Dames (Lydia Isaacs-Thompson’s niece), Doris Fritzgerald, Edward Fritzgerald, Erika Gerhart, J-La Gibson, Rudolph Hanna Jr., Juliet Holmes, Altamese Isaacs, Janee Johnson, Kenneth Knowles, (Josephine McKinney’s grand-son), Marsha Lightbourn (Carol Pinder’s sister), Sheila Mackey, Daniel Manya (Lorna Lightbourn’s father), Gloria McClure, Lorenzo Moseley, Rudy Moseley, Gina Rolle, Mario Sands, Ann Smith, Hazel ’Terri’ Smith, Steve Symonette, Beverley Taylor, William ’Billy’ Thompson, (Carol Pinder’s Brother), Sally Coulson & George Amy (Grandparents of Reg Grant Jr. U.K.) , Val Turnquest


Barbara Albury, Keith Archer, Garnell Babb, Dien Bailey, Keisha Bethel, Eric Cartwright, Vergie Cartwright, Joyce Fawkes, Alice Forbes, Kim Wendy Delancy-Gibson, Max Gibson, Rhonda Grant, Sonia Heastie, Danielle Knowles, Judy Knowles, Ena Lambrigger, David Lockhart, Delores Major, Marina McCartney, Willie McCartney, Eva Mortimer, Delly Moseley, Rudy Moseley, Blanche Morley, Carol Pinder, Cornell Rolle, Flossie ‘Tiny’ Seymour, Ednol Smith, Lois Taylor (Jennifer Turnquest’s mother), Berkley Turnquest, Val Turnquest, Nioshi Ward, Daylen Williams