My Dear Friends,

As we continue our series on the various ministries in our Parish, I thought this week we would look at what evangelism is all about, as in our Church, it is tied with Pastoral Care, led by Reg and Beth Grant.

Evangelism involves going out into the community in the name of Jesus Christ and His Church. It can involve several approaches individually or all together:-

  1.  Going out to witness about Jesus Christ.
  2.  Going out to meet persons in the community and telling them about your Church.
  3.  Going out to look for the lost and wayward sheep (members who have not been out in a while).

Our volunteers who go out every other Saturday at 4:30 p.m. normally focus on No. 2 while the clergy generally take care of No. 3—looking for lapsed members.

Hopefully as more volunteers come forward and with some basic training we can tackle No.1—going out to witness about Jesus Christ and His salvation. For this to happen firstly though, volunteers need to have had experienced the gospel in their own lives, to have had personally experienced God’s love,    grace and salvation and then, in most cases, are willing to go out and talk about what Jesus has done and continues to do.

Truthfully though, not everyone is called to that type of evangelism, but everyone who is physically able, can go out and meet people and talk about your home Church, and what it has to offer. So how about it guys? Any more volunteers for our Evangelistic mission every other Saturday?